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Are you done with school for summer now?

I have lost track of home many times I have been asked this question over the last few weeks. We follow a year round school schedule, so we do not take summers off from. We have tried following a traditional school year in the past, but found that our youngest son has a hard time retaining materials from the previous school year. In addition to not retaining the materials they already learned, all of our children have too much free time.

We do not allow our children to use electronics (with the exception for school work and tv in the evenings) during the week, so during the summer they have more time to “geek out” as we call it. When our children were younger this wasn’t a problem, but as they get older if we left it up to them they would “geek out” all day all summer long. We are currently on a two week break from school so the children can have a mini break. This allows our children to enjoy the beginning of summer with their friends, but we will resume school on June 26th.

What does our summer school schedule look like?

We do not do a full workload during the summer months. We limit our instruction to math, language arts, and reading time. So our summer school day is usually only an hour or two long. This is just enough to help our children to continue to thrive and to break up the day some.

An added bonus to a year round school schedule is that we have more flexibility to take off time whenever we want or need to without feeling guilty. I never feel like we are behind because we are continuously learning and covering our materials.

Do you school year round?

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6 thoughts on “Year Round School

  1. This year we are working a little through the summer. Issac needs to review and keep working forward in math and reading. I’m thinking of doing a little different schedule next year. I looked at taking every Friday off and that way if we were behind they’d catch up that day. I then realized we’d have to work the entire month of June to get our 180 days. That seemed “too little” summer time for vacation (LOL) I went back and looked at just one Friday a month off and I think we might aim for that. I like the idea of 6 weeks on and 1 week off too, but not sure I could make it work now that they are older. Probably should have tried it when they were younger 🙂

    1. It is hard finding a schedule that works well! We have our homeschool partnership all day on Thursday, and next year we will also be there on Tuesdays a little bit. The curriculum packages I am looking at for Jack and Julia have a four day week schedule, but Kenten’s is a five day schedule. We will have to come up with a plan to make sure he gets everything done. He doesn’t have a lot of classes at the partnership, so maybe he will be able to squeeze some things in on Thursdays. I have always liked the idea of 6 weeks on and 1 week off too. It might be a hard transition at first, but I think you guys can do it! Its worth a shot. If you don’t like it you can always switch back to a more traditional schedule.

      1. I really like the idea of the 4 day schedule, but when I sat down and figured it out we’d have to work the entire month of June. I’m not sure “I” can handle that (LOL)

        1. Ha! Yes, having a longer school year can be hard on mom. I like the idea of our main curriculum having a 4 day schedule because of our partnership commitment. We are gone all day, so it is hard to do any book work unless we work after dinner. However, our partnership days count towards the “180 days” requirement and we are able to “end” the school year at the last week of May-first week of June. I only continue through the summer because Jack needs it. When we take three months off he seems to lose the progress he made the prior school year.

          1. I really do wish I had done something different when they were younger. Issac was complaining about doing some work this summer, but I told him I was asking him for like 3 hours a week 🙂

          2. As my children get older they definitely complain about summer school more. We took two weeks off and will start back up on Monday. For the rest of the summer we will probably work for 1.5 hours each morning. It is very minimal compared to our normal workload, but all of their friends have the entire summer off. So I think even if you start early they still complain… Or maybe that is just my kids! (ha)

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