Unconventional Book Choices

Do you still do reading time with your older children?

Even though all my children have hit the preteen or teenage years, I still read outloud to them daily during our school day. When they were younger I tried to stick with just the classics, but this year I decided to branch out more with unconventional book choices since my oldest son was not happy with a lot of our previous selections. Right before starting our two week mini summer break we finished the Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children trilogy.

This trilogy was a far different selection for our reading time, but my children LOVED it. Some of the language and content may be off-putting for some, but we try to expose our children to all different types of materials (within reason). They all know that just because you hear something it doesn’t mean you have to repeat it. I am so happy that we branched out and tried something completely new. It has been a long time since I have seen my oldest son so engaged in a story. His interest was more than enough reason for me to look past some of the language, and I plan to find some more exciting selections to use this summer before we start our next curriculum packages.

Do you use unconventional book selections for your reading time?

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