Tea Time Tuesday Snow Edition

It’s a winter wonderland here in Michigan. We spent the weekend hibernating in our house to avoid the icy roads, and now the snow keeps coming! Usually once the holidays are past I am ready for the cold and snow to disappear, but there is something magical about waking up to inches upon inches of fresh snow. Unfortunately Miss Julia is not feeling very well, so we had a low key afternoon. We spent Tea Time Tuesday Snow Edition sipping hot cocoa and reading some wonderful snow poems. 

Featured Poem

The Snow Storm by Edna St. Vincent Millay

No hawk hangs over in this air:
The urgent snow is everywhere.
The wing adroiter than a sail
Must lean away from such a gale,
Abandoning its straight intent,
Or else expose tough ligament
And tender flesh to what before
Meant dampened feathers, nothing more.
Forceless upon our backs there fall
Infrequent flakes hexagonal,
Devised in many a curious style
To charm our safety for a while,
Where close to earth like mice we go
Under the horizontal snow.

Our Table

Tea Time Tuesday Snow table setting

This week we set up in our school room so our doggies could join us for a cozy afternoon. We kept things pretty simple… No homemade goodies this week! I picked up donut holes for our snack because they remind me of snowballs.

Tea Time Tuesday Snow Edition with Homework and Horseplay

These two didn’t seem to mind our store bought goodies… Kenten went to  friend’s house for the afternoon, so no donuts for him! Hopefully Miss Julia will be feeling better tomorrow. Poor thing spent most of the day in bed .

Thank you for joining us for Tea Time Tuesday Snow Edition…

I hope you are all keeping warm this winter! Did you miss our past Tea Time Tuesday posts? Head over to my Tea Time page to catch up.

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4 thoughts on “Tea Time Tuesday Snow Edition

  1. So sorry Julia isn’t feeling well! I hope she wakes up better tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind the store bought goodies either 🙂 We are suppose to get some snow tomorrow, so you know I’m excited 🙂

    1. Thank you. Fingers crossed that aje is back to normal tomorrow.

      I didn’t mind the store bought goodies either 😉! That is exciting about the snow. I hope you wake up to a winter wonderland.

  2. Sweet! I remember some tea times with my kids! Great memories. Now my youngest student is in his last semester of high school and is so busy he doesn’t have time for tea and poetry with mom. I worked hard, though, so that he would have those memories!

    You’re doing a great job! Benefits of home school are that school can still happen even when it snows, and gentle school can still happen even when the kidlets don’t feel great!

    1. Thank you. I am treasuring these sweet times because I know soon they will be grown. It is crazy how fast the time passes.

      I love that we can still school through the ups and downs of every day life. My daughter was excited to have this cozy afternoon to brighten her day.

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