Tea Time Tuesday 100th Day of School Edition

Today is our 100th day, and what better way to celebrate than with Tea Time Tuesday 100th Day of School Edition! I am a little in shock that we have already reached 100 days. I feel as though the school year has just begun, but we are more than half way done. Ok, not really since we school year round… However, we do scale back in the summer months so maybe this is kinda true?!?!

Featured Poem

10oth Day of School

The 100th day of school is here
It’s time to celebrate and cheer

To get the rest of this fun poem head over to Teachers Pay Teachers, and get your 100th day freebie! Just like last week Jack will be using this poem as his copywork for the week. I think it is great practice for him all around.

Our Table

Tea Time Tuesday 100th Day Table H&H

Every year on our 100th day of school we have fun snacks! This year we made “100th  Donuts” and “100 Day Trail Mix”. To make your own 100th day snacks you will need:

100th Day Snack

  • 1 Strawberry Shortcake Roll
  • 2 Glazed Donuts

Tea Time Tuesday 100th Day Snack

This one is simple… Just open your shortcake roll and place it on the plate with two donuts! 

100th Day Trail Mix

  1. M&M’s (10)
  2. Chocolate Chips (10)
  3. Gummi Rainbow Candy (10)
  4. Mini Marshmallows (10)
  5. Chocolate Teddy Grahams(10)
  6. Bugles Chips (10)
  7. Goldfish (10)
  8. Mini Charleston Chews (10)
  9. Gardetto’s Rye Chips (10)
  10. Popcorn (10)

Tea Time Tuesday 100th Day Trail Mix

As you can see in the picture above, I set out all the snacks on the table and my children count out 10 of each item and simply mix it all together! This is one of our favorite school traditions. In case you are wondering… Yes, they totally had gut rot all afternoon! haha

(Note: You may have noticed that we only had 9 different snacks on the table instead of 10, but we added popcorn later in the afternoon. We saved this snack for our traditional 101 Dalmatians 100th Day movie afternoon, and we didn’t want the popcorn to be stale.)

Thank you for joining us for Tea Time Tuesday 100th Day of School Edition…

When is your 100th day of school? If you have something special planned let us know! We love seeing what everyone else does for their 100th day.

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