Tea Time Tuesday Thanksgiving Edition

Welcome back to Homework and Horseplay. Today I am sharing our Tea Time Tuesday Thanksgiving Edition. With Thanksgiving just around the corner we are sneaking in all kinds of fun Thanksgiving treats and activities.

Featured Poem

Thanksgiving Day by Lydia Maria Child

Over the river, and through the wood,
  To grandfather’s house we go;
       The horse knows the way 
       To carry the sleigh
  Through the white and drifted snow.

Over the river, and through the wood—
  Oh, how the wind does blow!
       It stings the toes 
       And bites the nose
  As over the ground we go.

Over the river, and through the wood,
  To have a first-rate play.
       Hear the bells ring 
  Hurrah for Thanksgiving Day!

Over the river, and through the wood
  Trot fast, my dapple-gray!
       Spring over the ground, 
       Like a hunting-hound!
  For this is Thanksgiving Day.

Over the river, and through the wood,
  And straight through the barn-yard gate.
       We seem to go 
       Extremely slow,—
  It is so hard to wait!

Over the river and through the wood—
  Now grandmother’s cap I spy!
       Hurrah for the fun! 
       Is the pudding done?
  Hurrah for the pumpkin-pie!

Featured Recipe

This week we have plenty of baking and cooking to help with for Thanksgiving, so we kept our tea time simple. I broke out our November Dollar Tree STEM Boxes so we could make cornucopias, and we also made pilgrim hats. To make your own pilgrim hat snack you will need:

  • Fudge Stripes Cookies
  • Rolos
  • Yellow frosting
  • Reese’s Pieces

Pilgrim Hat and Cornucopia Snacks

These pilgrim hat snacks are super easy to make. You just need to put a little bit of frosting on the bottom of a Rolo, and press it down onto the bottom of a Fudge Stripes cookie. Then put frosting on the back of a Reese’s Pieces candy, and press it to the front of the Rolo.

Our Table

Tea Time Tuesday Thanksgiving Edition Table

Thank you for joining us for Tea Time Tuesday Thanksgiving Edition.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! If you would like to check out our past Tea Time Tuesday posts, head on over to my Tea Time page. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram if you would like to see more of our Thanksgiving fun.

Tea Time Tuesday Monster Edition

Welcome to Tea Time Tuesday Monster Edition…

It is a cold and gloomy day out, and the wind is blowing EVERYTHING away… So it was a perfect afternoon to stay inside, eat some yummy treats, and tackle all of our STEM challenges.

Featured Poem

The Monster Mattress Superstore by Kenn Nesbitt (Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.)

The Mattress Factory Superstore
is owned by dear old Fred,
or, as he’s better known,
the Monster Underneath Your Bed.

His beds are cold and clammy
just the way a monster likes.
He also offers beds of nails
and mattresses with spikes.

His waterbeds are filled with sharks,
piranhas, eels, and squids.
But, just in case, Fred also carries
comfy beds for kids.

And Fred makes sure that every mattress
always feels alright
by checking every bed he sells you

Featured Recipe

This week we decided to switch things up and made an edible craft rather than bake something. Julia came up with this idea on her own and has called it “Monster-Mallows”.

Suggested Supplies:

  • Marshmallows
  • Edible marker
  • M&M’s
  • Icebreakers Mints
  • Red piping gel
  • White piping gel
  • Black piping gel

In addition to making Monster-Mallows, we also broke out our STEM Boxes. If you are not sure what a STEM Box is, you can read about them here. We had a blast creating some spooky monsters!
Our Table

I found these super cute “Monster” plates, napkins, and tablecloth at the Dollar Tree, and I couldn’t resist! I was planning on saving them for Halloween, but when Julia told me about her Monster-Mallow idea I knew we had to use them.

Thank you for joining us for Tea Time Tuesday Monster Edition!

If you would like to see more from our STEM challenges, head on over to my Instagram. I shared a bunch of pictures of the kiddos (and maybe even a few of me) hard at work earlier today.

Did you miss our past Tea Time Tuesday posts? You can find them all on my Tea Time page.




Inside Look: Curriculum

Want an inside look at our curriculum selections?

Before I purchase any curriculum I do tons of research... Part of that research consists of watching videos with sneak peaks inside the books. Today I am doing my version of an Inside Look: Curriculum. I already shared our Level 3, Level 7, and Level 100 BookShark materials with you, but I am just getting around to sharing our Timberdoodle and Amazon purchases. Check out my video below to see Kenten's science and our STEM.

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Thank you for watching!

I hope you enjoyed my little Inside Look: Curriculum. I would love to see what STEM and art materials all of you are using this year. Comment below or on my channel.