I am very excited to announce that I was recently added to the 2018 Homeschool Review Crew, which is a division of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Seven months ago when I created Homework and Horseplay I had no idea how many opportunities it would bring to my family. I am extremely thankful to join this great group of homeschoolers. I look forward to sharing more reviews with all of you this year. For my first task as part of the Review Crew I was given a Yearly Membership to to review.

High-quality, Self-paced, Online Homeschool Resources {}

 What is is an online resource with downloadable, printable elements as well as online classes and video components. With the Yearly Membership you have unlimited access to over 300+ courses for all ages, grade levels, and subjects. 

High-quality, Self-paced, Online Homeschool Resources {} has recently expanded their site to add some fantastic new features. Members now have a video library available to them, which grants access to hundreds of streaming videos. The video library has many different categories to chose from including: Kids, Art, Geography, History, and so many more. The way the video library is organized makes it so easy to find exactly what you are looking for in just a few seconds.

Another new feature, which I found invaluable, is the World Book Resource Library. My youngest son is a struggling reader. I found additional reading supplements to use over Christmas break with him. The Early World of Learning section not only has “easy reader” books, but also games and printables to go along with the lessons. My son really enjoyed exploring the different options while I worked with his brother and sister on other schoolwork.

How did my family use

I focused on using the Literacy Center with my youngest son, Jack. In the Literacy Center, separated all of the different levels of reading into the following categories:

  • Teach Your Child to Read in 101 Simple Steps
  • Pre-Readers
  • Emerging Readers
  • Early Readers
  • Growing Readers
  • Fluent Readers
  • Comprehension Skills

Each of these categories have topics of study listed below them to help you decide which area your child should be focusing on. For example, under Early Readers there is a tab that says:

I can match words and sentences to picture.

When you click on this sentence a whole list of coorresponding lessons and activities pop up. I love that with just a few clicks I was able to find all kinds of options for my son to work through. 

What courses did my family select?

Since we already have a full school day, I did not want to add too many courses to my children’s work load. I selected the Studio Art for Teens course for Julia to work on over the next few weeks while we are on break from our homeschool partnership.

Studio Art for Teens

This course consists of 15 lessons:

  1. The Line
  2. Shape
  3. Texture
  4. Color
  5. Space
  6. Form
  7. Further Explore Element of Color
  8. Overlapping
  9. Center of Interest
  10. Variety in Art
  11. Balance
  12. Positive and Negative Space
  13. Contrast and Chiarascuro
  14. Harmony
  15. Assemblage

This girl has a natural artistic ability that I envy. Julia just started this course, so she has only completed Lesson 1 (The Line). I think her sketching is amazing though. Studio Art for Teens Line DrawingStudio Art for Teens Lesson 1 Studio Art for Teens Lesson 1 CompleteAdditionally, Studio Art for Teens includes thematic lessons that can be completed in any order. When I first selected this course for Julia I planned to only use it during her Christmas break, but I think it is a great addition to our regular school week. I love that this online course includes downloadable lesson plans, so the student can easily see what is expected and when. Julia will be able to read the lesson on her own, and then complete the drawing assignments while I read aloud to her.

Are you interested in joining? is running a special through January. Join now and save!

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Homework and Horseplay’s final thoughts…

Overall I think is a great resource. However, as a secular homeschool family I did have to sort through the materials more than I would normally care to. After browsing for a few days I did find some great materials that I look forward to using in the future. Just this morning I discovered Friendly Chemistry and Friendly Anatomy are included as part of the high school homeschool courses. My oldest son is currently using Friendly Biology, and we have been very happy with the program. I can’t wait to explore these next two levels on

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