Tea Time Tuesday Valentine Edition

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and we are celebrating a little early with Tea Time Tuesday Valentine Edition! I just love this time of year because Julia and I can bring out all the girly stuff, but I do try not to go to crazy since the boys outnumber the girls in our house.  Continue reading “Tea Time Tuesday Valentine Edition”

Tea Time Tuesday 100th Day of School Edition

Today is our 100th day, and what better way to celebrate than with Tea Time Tuesday 100th Day of School Edition! I am a little in shock that we have already reached 100 days. I feel as though the school year has just begun, but we are more than half way done. Ok, not really since we school year round… However, we do scale back in the summer months so maybe this is kinda true?!?! Continue reading “Tea Time Tuesday 100th Day of School Edition”

Tea Time Tuesday Groundhog Edition

In just a few days it will be Groundhog Day… Will the groundhog see his shadow or not? In preparation for the big day we are kicking off the week with Tea Time Tuesday Groundhog Edition! Continue reading “Tea Time Tuesday Groundhog Edition”

Tea Time Tuesday Penguin Edition

Winter storm after winter storm has hit us hard here in Michigan. Yesterday we got about a foot of snow! It’s hard to believe that January is almost done, but all this snowy weather has set the stage for Tea Time Tuesday Penguin Edition! Continue reading “Tea Time Tuesday Penguin Edition”

Tea Time Tuesday Snowman Edition

It has been beyond cold here in Michigan lately, so we have been hibernating inside as much as possible. Since it is too cold to be outside, I decided to bring the winter fun inside with our Tea Time Tuesday Snowman EditionContinue reading “Tea Time Tuesday Snowman Edition”

Tea Time Tuesday New Years Edition

It’s hard to believe that it is already 2018! As long as last year felt, it really did fly by. I am really hoping that 2018 will be a better year for us. I figured the best way to kick off 2018 is with a Tea Time Tuesday New Years party. However, if I am being honest it wasn’t much of a party. We needed to ease back into our normal routine.  Continue reading “Tea Time Tuesday New Years Edition”

Tea Time Tuesday Christmas Treasury Edition

Welcome back to Homework and Horseplay! As you can see I am posting our Tea Time Tuesday Christmas Treasury Edition a little late… Some how the day slipped away from us, so we had a very low key tea time this evening.  Continue reading “Tea Time Tuesday Christmas Treasury Edition”

Tea Time Tuesday Reindeer Edition

Welcome to Tea Time Tuesday Reindeer Edition. Recently I have been questioning doing Tea Time Tuesdays EVERY week, but this cozy afternoon reminded me how special these times are. We broke out one of our favorite poetry authors, Shel Silverstein, and focused on all things reindeer. Grab a cup of tea and your copy of Shel Silverstein’s poetry and join us for some reindeer fun. Continue reading “Tea Time Tuesday Reindeer Edition”

Tea Time Tuesday Thanksgiving Edition

Welcome back to Homework and Horseplay. Today I am sharing our Tea Time Tuesday Thanksgiving Edition. With Thanksgiving just around the corner we are sneaking in all kinds of fun Thanksgiving treats and activities. Continue reading “Tea Time Tuesday Thanksgiving Edition”