Ditching the New Year’s Resolution

Like so many people, this time of the year I usually sit down and think about all the changes I would like to make in the new year. I set resolutions, and in a way set myself up to epically fail. It is not realistic to make so many huge changes all at once. After reading a post by Amanda called Ditching the New Year’s Resolution this morning, I realized I was about to make the same mistake as years past. Instead of setting a bunch of resolutions she focuses on picking just one word she would like to embrace in the upcoming year.  I decided to join her in this one word challenge.

What is my one word for 2018?

Ditching the New Year's Resolutions One Word Challenge: Determined

I am determined….

  • To be patient as a mother rather than let the little things  get me work up
  • To live a healthier lifestyle rather than setting unrealistic weight loss goals
  • To let 2018 be a fresh start rather than focus on the negative things from last year

I am excited to walk away from the crazy list of resolutions I started writing a few days ago. It is like a fresh breath of air, and I look forward to all that 2018 has in store for my family.

Are you ready to join Amanda and I in ditching the New Year’s resolutions?

Let us know what your word is this year by commenting below or over at Joyful Wife Life. I hope 2018 is a wonderful year for all of you and your families!