What We Are Reading: September 2017

What are you reading in September 2017?

As you can imagine with three separate BookShark levels we do a lot of reading in our home. Not only do I love reading, but I enjoy hearing what others are reading and getting book recommendations. In my video below you can see exactly what books we are reading in September 2017 with our curriculum, plus a few personal selections. We have a bit to go before we finish all of our books, but it has been a great reading month for the Raiche clan.

Do you want to purchase some of these books for your home library?

I have linked all of the books we are reading in September 2017 below.
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Thank you for watching!

I would love to hear what all of you are reading in September 2017. Comment below or on my channel.

Want a preview of what we will be reading this year? Check out our 5th, 7th, and 9th grade curriculum selections for the full lists.

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