This summer I had big plans to get ahead on EVERYTHING, but life got in the way…

I have been sick more often than not for the last few months. Every time I start feeling better some other kind of germ smuggles into my life. On top of our day to day life, I have been trying to get ahead with preparations for the partnership classes I will be teaching in the fall, making curriculum decisions for my children, and cleaning out our school room for the upcoming year (which is no easy task since we still use it daily). Life decided to give me an extra kick in the butt last week. Not only is our pool heater broken, but my trusty Macbook died. AHHHH! It truly was just a rotten week, so I decided to step back and take some time to recover.

Real life happens… Roll with it!

Instead of spending hours preparing and stressing for everything starting in the fall I spent three days in my favorite chair reading and reading and reading some more! I forgot how nice it is to read simply for enjoyment. I made zero progress on preparations, got behind on the housework, probably disappointed my children by becoming a book hermit, but I feel so refreshed. I am ready to jump back into things and focus on the positive. A few years ago I would have felt guilty about taking a few days off to do only what I wanted to do, but I have grown to realize that some “me time” is a requirement when you are a homeschool mama.

How do you destress?

I would love to hear how you take some “me time”, so comment below.

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