Homeschooling Through Heartache

Some of you may have noticed my lack of a Tea Time Tuesday post yesterday…

And I don’t know if I even have the words to make it through this, but I want to ask for your understanding and patience as my family struggles through the next few trying days. Yesterday we received the news that my nephew who is only a few months older than Kenten took his own life. I feel like our world is crumbing down around us, but somehow we have to figure out how to continue living and homeschooling through heartache.

It is far too soon

… to discuss suicide
… to explain cremation
… and to watch my children suffer through this loss

But most of all it is far too soon for this goodbye!

To my nephew-you will be missed. I hope you have found the peace you did not have in this life.


If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out for help before it is too late. There are so many people and organizations out there… You are not alone!

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


Homeschooling Through Heartache

I’m not sure I know how to, but in just a few short days we will have to pick up where we left off and get back into our homeschool routine. When tragedy strikes, I think it is important to remember:

  • We are in control of our own homeschool, and sometimes it is necessary to take a break (and feel no guilt).
  • It is perfectly ok to modify your curriculum and do only what is manageable at this time.
  • Everyone handles difficult experiences in their own way.
  • And most importantly, family first!

So for now I am stepping away to be with my family…
Thank you for understanding, and please know that I am always willing to listen if you are struggling.





4 thoughts on “Homeschooling Through Heartache

  1. I’m so sorry for your families loss! I can’t even imagine the pain your family is feeling. I hate the thought that someone, let alone a child, feels such pain that ending their life will ease that 🙁 Praying for you all!

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