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Brace yourself….
This may be the first negative review of Easy Grammar you have read!

I have used this program two different times now, and I will never use it again. My children are not typically complainers when it comes to school, but Kenten and Julia spent MOST of this past year complaining about their grammar work.

How does Easy Grammar work?
Easy Grammar is a mastery program that focuses on being able to find prepositions and prepositional phrases. This unique approach makes it supposed to make it easier for your child to label subjects and verbs. 

What do you need to teach Easy Grammar?
The only book you absolutely need to use Easy Grammar is the “Teacher’s Edition” of the level your child is using. The teacher’s edition includes everything from the student workbook in addition to the answer keys to each lesson. I highly recommend purchasing the student workbook along with your teacher’s edition, otherwise you will spend a lot of time and money photocopying the reproducible worksheets.

What level should I use with my child?
It is recommended to use the age-appropriate grade level that your child is in. However, Easy Grammar does provide Elementary Placement and 7-12 Placement tests on their page if you are concerned about ordering the wrong level.

What don’t you like about Easy Grammar?
My main problem with Easy Grammar is the lack of instruction. I don’t know if the lower levels had more to their daily lessons, but Easy Grammar Plus only had a few sentences of instructions and one or two sample sentences. This program is too much like a “boring worksheet” that my children complete and forget as soon as they are done.

Homework and Horseplay’s final thoughts…

Easy Grammar
just is not the right fit for our family. Any program that causes my children to complain endlessly is more hassle than it is worth. Some people may enjoy having super short instructions, but for me I prefer more teacher involvement. My youngest son (Jack) used Shurley English this year. Although Easy Grammar and Shurley English both have a lot of repetition and similar work, Jack truly learned the parts of speech rather than just memorizing a bunch of prepositions. Kenten and Julia will not continue using Easy Grammar next year, even though it is one of the products included in the curriculum kits we plan to use.

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