What Is Your Homeschool Style?

I recently was asked what style we follow, and as usual I had a hard time answering this. I know that we take a literature approach for the majority of our work, but like many homeschoolers we fluctuate our method depending on the situation. If I had to pick a style to label our family I would say we follow the Charlotte Mason style and supplement with unit studies. I thought it would be fun to take an online quiz to see how well I know myself and our style. After a quick Google search I found this quiz, and it I think it is pretty accurate (at least for me).

My Results:
Score for Charlotte Mason: 17
Score for Classical Education: 17
Score for Montessori Education: 15
Score for Project-Based Learning: 0
Score for Reggio-Inspired: 12
Score for Thomas Jefferson Education: 14
Score for Traditional Education: -3
Score for Unit Studies Approach: 17
Score for Unschooling Approach: 6
Score for Waldorf Education: 8

As you can see my top three styles were Charlotte Mason, Classical Education, and Unit Studies Approach. I have never considered myself a classical educator, but after seeing my results and thinking about it I realized it is true to an extent. As with any method we make any adjustments necessary to keep our children’s education strictly secular. Do you know your homeschooling style? Head on over to Eclectic Homeschooling and take the quiz today! I would love to see your top three and if you think they truly fit your style.

Social Media Recipe

Have you heard of IFTTT? When I decided to start blogging again my husband told me about this amazing program that helps you “do more with less effort”! In the past I would go to each social media site I wanted to share my blog post on and make a new post. IFTTT allows me to simply write a blog post, and then it shares it to all the social media accounts I requested.

Setting this program up can take a little bit of time because you have to find the correct “applets” to complete the tasks you want, but I promise it is worth it in the end. I can’t even begin to tell you how much time this has saved me since figuring out the correct “recipe”! With the help of my husband we came up with the following recipe:

As you can see I have set it up for my Instagram posts to automatically be shared to my Facebook Page and Twitter, Youtube shares to my WordPress blog, and my WordPress blog shares to Reddit, Pinterest, Google+, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This recipe may not work for everyone, but it is working perfectly for me. The time I was wasting sharing my posts on all my accounts can now be spent replying to comments and following my favorite bloggers. If you need further assistance with IFTTT try researching “IFTTT guides”, and you will find numerous step-by-step instructions.

Have you found any shortcuts to help you on your blogging journey? I would love to hear what everyone else is doing!