What Is Your Homeschool Style?

Do you know what your homeschool style is?

I recently was asked what style we follow, and as usual I had a hard time answering this. I know that we take a literature approach for the majority of our work, but like many homeschoolers we fluctuate our method depending on the situation. If I had to pick a style to label our family I would say we follow the Charlotte Mason style and supplement with unit studies. I thought it would be fun to take an online quiz to see how well I know myself and our style. After a quick Google search I found this quiz, and it I think it is pretty accurate (at least for me).

My Results:
Score for Charlotte Mason: 17
Score for Classical Education: 17
Score for Montessori Education: 15
Score for Project-Based Learning: 0
Score for Reggio-Inspired: 12
Score for Thomas Jefferson Education: 14
Score for Traditional Education: -3
Score for Unit Studies Approach: 17
Score for Unschooling Approach: 6
Score for Waldorf Education: 8

As you can see my top three styles were Charlotte Mason, Classical Education, and Unit Studies Approach. I have never considered myself a classical educator, but after seeing my results and thinking about it I realized it is true to an extent. As with any method we make any adjustments necessary to keep our children’s education strictly secular. Do you know your homeschooling style? Head on over to Eclectic Homeschooling and take the quiz today! I would love to see your top three and if you think they truly fit your style.

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Why I Homeschool

Everyone homeschools for a different reason. Want to know why I homeschool?

Ryan and I decided to homeschool our children six years ago. Our two older children had just completed their first year of school in North Carolina, and we were preparing for the upcoming school year when I realized I didn’t want to go through another school year… At least not through the public school system! 

After sending my children away for eight plus hours every day they had to come home and do two to three hours of homework every night. They were only in kindergarten and second grade! By the time we completed homework, ate dinner, and got cleaned up it was already bed time. It broke my heart to see how exhausted my daughter was each day as she got off the bus. It angered me to listen to a teacher tell me my son couldn’t read his favorite books because they were not his “grade level” (they were three levels higher). All of it was just exhausting. I knew there was no way our youngest son was ready to be put in that situation. We decided to give homeschooling a chance, and if it wasn’t the right fit for our family we could always put them back in public school.

We officially started homeschooling a few weeks later, and it was AMAZING! I loved seeing all three of my kiddos learning and playing together again. It was easy to see that we had made the right decision. We have had a few bumps along the way and I am sure we will hit many more before we are done, but I wouldn’t change this for anything! So it’s that simple–That’s why I homeschool!

Why do you homeschool?

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Year Round School

Are you done with school for summer now?

I have lost track of home many times I have been asked this question over the last few weeks. We follow a year round school schedule, so we do not take summers off from. We have tried following a traditional school year in the past, but found that our youngest son has a hard time retaining materials from the previous school year. In addition to not retaining the materials they already learned, all of our children have too much free time.

We do not allow our children to use electronics (with the exception for school work and tv in the evenings) during the week, so during the summer they have more time to “geek out” as we call it. When our children were younger this wasn’t a problem, but as they get older if we left it up to them they would “geek out” all day all summer long. We are currently on a two week break from school so the children can have a mini break. This allows our children to enjoy the beginning of summer with their friends, but we will resume school on June 26th.

What does our summer school schedule look like?

We do not do a full workload during the summer months. We limit our instruction to math, language arts, and reading time. So our summer school day is usually only an hour or two long. This is just enough to help our children to continue to thrive and to break up the day some.

An added bonus to a year round school schedule is that we have more flexibility to take off time whenever we want or need to without feeling guilty. I never feel like we are behind because we are continuously learning and covering our materials.

Do you school year round?

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Secular Homeschool

Here at Homework and Horseplay we are a secular homeschool family. What does this mean?

A secular homeschool is a homeschooling family that does NOT homeschool for a religious reason, but because it is the right choice for their family.

It is a common belief that all homeschoolers have chosen to homeschool for a relgious reason. This belief is as far from the truth as possible with our family. We started our homeschool journey in 2011 after moving to North Carolina. We purchased a home in a desired school district, but after my two oldest children attended their first year there we knew it was not the right fit. On top of being unhappy with our school district, our youngest son was just reaching preschool age. He was diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS: Autism Spectrum), Dyspraxia, and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). I knew back then that he was not ready to be in a public school system that I was already dissatisfied with, so we treaded into unknown territory and began our homeschooling journey.

So how is our homeschool different from a nonsecular home?

The main difference for us is that we teach with an evolution based science curriculum, and do not focus on any one religion. The only time we cover religious materials is in history. We look at it as a part of history, not absolute truth. Our approach may not work for everyone, but that is the true beauty of homeschooling. We all homeschool in our own way for our own reasons.

Are you a secular homeschool family?

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Welcome to Homework and Horseplay

This is my very first blog post here at Homework and Horseplay!

My name is Roxanne and this blog is the online home of Raiche Academy, our homeschool in Iron Mountain, Michigan. I am a mama to three children ages 10 to 13. I never thought that I would homeschool my children, but that is exactly what I have been doing since 2011. Although it has been a difficult journey at times, I am so thankful for this opportunity.


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